Dual Clutch Transmission video by Engineering Explained Features a Hyundai

Engineering Explained recently posted a great video describing best practices while operating a dual-clutch transmission, or DCT. The host spends seven and a half minutes describing five behaviors to avoid when using a DCT. These behaviors don’t hurt the gearbox,… read more


Why Hyundai? Our newest PR hire explains

Before my current role as Manager of Midwest Product Public Relations, I was the Road Test Editor for Road & Track magazine. That position put me in charge of performance testing some of the most expensive, exotic, and powerful cars on the market today. Road & Track says a McLaren 650s achieves 60 mph from a standstill in 2.7 seconds because my test bore that out. That is but one of many examples people use as pretext before asking the question, why Hyundai? And before I answer, let me first say, the decision was easy.
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2015 SEMA Recap

A couple weeks ago we concluded another exciting and successful SEMA Show in Las Vegas, NV for Hyundai. This provides the perfect opportunity for me to write my first Hyundai Like Sunday blog post to introduce myself and share the… read more