One Down and Many More to Go

Hello there, Hyundai Like Sunday fans…

Derek Joyce here, Manager of Product Public Relations for Hyundai Motor America.

I’ve just completed my first year in a new public relations role, working with a professional, dynamic PR team. Before joining PR at Hyundai, I was the product planning manager for Genesis, Genesis Coupe, Equus, Sonata, Tiburon, Santa Fe, Accent and Elantra over the past 7 years. Prior to Hyundai, I worked for both domestic and Asian manufacturers in product, marketing, brand development, research, and agency roles. As you may guess, I’m a lifetime car guy who has been fortunate to work in an industry that is also a natural passion.

What exactly does a product PR guy do for Hyundai? Basically, I help all forms of media to get accurate, timely, and exciting vehicle-related news to convey to the public. This involves serving as a Hyundai corporate spokesperson, publishing new vehicle press releases, working with photographers/videographers to create great Hyundai vehicle imagery, planning auto show news conferences and new vehicle launches, and working with internal Hyundai subject-matter experts, all while making sure Hyundai is represented to the world at large in the best possible light.

I’ve also been fortunate to work closely with our Rhys Millen Racing (RMR) motorsports teams over the past year, helping to get the message about Hyundai performance and reliability out to our media friends. It’s certainly an exciting area of our brand development. And, you may have heard of Blue Link®, our exclusive vehicle telematics system that we introduced this year; the messaging of this innovative new technology is a key focus for me.

So, what cars does a product PR guy have in his stable? My company car is a lower-trim Sonata (great car), and for wringing those automotive passions out on the weekends, a pre-owned Cayman S. When the soccer and baseball seasons end I still do my best to get out to some track days a few times a year. Family duties are handled by minivan.

It’s been great to apply a career full of product and strategy experience to Hyundai’s PR efforts. Hopefully, I can serve as a valuable resource for your Hyundai media and communication needs in the year to come!

10 thoughts on “One Down and Many More to Go

  • Congratulations on your one year PR anniversary. Keep up the great work and looking forward to seeing continue to grow with relevant information about the Hyundai brand.

  • Just wondering if you were going to migrate the other HMMA video shorts from onto this website for download… Such as: Behind The Scenes/Have You Tried/ Quality/ Hyundaiville..etc…???

    Personally, I think that they give a good insider’s look at the USA manufacturing process & people.

    Thanks for the continued “Great Work” at promoting the Hyundai brand!!!

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