New to the Crew: One Month Later

Hello HLS readers!

If you’re a follower of our Twitter account, you may have noticed something new in our tweets: ^rl. You might also have wondered, “Who is this person?”, as you judiciously sifted through the volume of new tweets in your feed. Well, after about a month here, I think it’s about time we meet.

My name is Rob Lescaille. Don’t worry, most people get it wrong the first time – my last name is pronounced “leh sky”. I’m a car guy. I’ve been in love with cars since the seventh grade, when I found a three-ring-binder under my desk full of exotic cars and their specs. I remember reading and completely memorizing the specs of each car in the collection. I started hanging out with the gear-head clique in school and became immersed in car culture. It all began there.

My professional career has been spent working in various sides of the auto industry. Nearly ten years ago I started a car club devoted to the new state-side version of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution and helped it become a leading enthusiast community for the vehicle. Shortly after, I started an aftermarket parts store that I merged with an established speed shop in Southern California. I left that to join the auto OEM world at Suzuki briefly before jumping over to Mitsubishi Motors, where I helped run the company website and create the social media team. Now at Hyundai, I’m fortunate enough to be a member of a great PR team as manager of Product PR and Social Media. My job is to represent our product and connect the Hyundai voice with customers, fans and even critics. I own (and daily drive) a 2003 Mitsubishi Evo with a track-tuned JIC suspension (among other things) and will order my 2013 Genesis Coupe 3.8 Track as soon as it’s available. I’m very excited about that.

So, my first month here has been amazing. I’ve met great people and have already made some contributions to the team. I also attended our all-new Azera/Genesis/Equus media introduction event in Las Vegas, where I was able to interact with dozens of journalists and bloggers over a three-day span. It was an extremely busy but rewarding experience and confirmed to me that Hyundai is a brand headed in the right direction. Our CEO, John Krafcik, recently asked me what my “outside perspective” opinion was of Hyundai before being hired. I told him I didn’t think the company had a lot of passion behind their products when it came to performance and fun-to-drive characteristics. Now that I am here, I can say that I was completely wrong about that. Hyundai has huge passion behind its products at every level! Innovation is core to the brand – no matter if it’s technology, performance or styling. Don’t take my word for it! Take a gander at the latest products like the hot Veloster Turbo, the refreshed 2013 Genesis Coupe with a potent 348-hp GDI engine and the ridiculously awesome Genesis 5.0 R-Spec sedan. Something else that impresses me every day here at Hyundai is that this is a company that “walks the talk.” Customer satisfaction is a big deal here. We truly want to make amazing products that delight. Given the feedback I see out there from our customers, we’re doing our job and I’m glad to be here to tell that story.

4 thoughts on “New to the Crew: One Month Later

  • I was lucky enough to stumble upon this website through a search for 2013 Elantra specs; which I found. I am anxiously waiting for a black on black, Limited, Tech Package to show up in my state. Since orders are not taken, the only option for a prospective Hyundai buyer is a lot of prayer and crossed fingers. Once I find the car, I intend on outfitting it with a Tuix ground effects package, HID up front and LED in back. I already have three Hyundai’s in my family, ’03 Sonata, ’08 Santa Fe and ’12 Veloster.
    What’s the hold-up on getting 2013 Elantra Sedan information on the HyundaiUSA website? The cars are PRESELLING! That website needs to be updated as soon as reasonably possible (especially the Build feature). Love your cars. Keep up the good work.

    • Courtney,

      Thank you. While I don’t know the exact timing of vehicle updates on the main website, typically the website is updated around the same time vehicles start to arrive at dealers. Hope that helps!


  • Hi Rob, loved reading your intro. I think Hyundai is still hammering on the way but it is a very strong way. There is an expression like: It is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I know the Veloster makes a speedy impression, yet it is not powered by turbos and all wheel drive, it would be a perfect car for drifters. Yet it is an exciting look and will bring the younger crowds to the brand. The Genesis is unfortunately out of the range of a lot of people especially if you want to deck it our properly. I got very excited with the brand when I read various reviews and books about cars. I did purchase a Hyundai vehicle and after 5 days of owning it is still way too early to like the car. I tend to drive cars for about 8 years and I am excited with my 2012 Santa Fe. What still bothers me slightly is to get the proper information from the websites. The manual in Canada is huge, why not put it on a CD in PDF format and have the option to deliver a paper manual?
    My outside view on Hyundai has changed quite a bit, in the end the dealers are responsible for bringing the cars to the public. I hope that Hyundai never forgets that horsepower and style are important, even if we have to start using more futuristic fuels…

  • Hi Rob,

    I hope this is the place to lobby for a factory aftermarket for the Genesis Coupe. I have a 2012 Track 3.8 and need bolt ons, bottom end, and other hardcore parts. I used to have a 88 Mustang GT with 450 rwp with a Vortech T trim blower,347 crate motor, etc all available in abunance. Please tell me help is on the way. I would love to match the new Mustang 5.0 in horsepower!

    Of course I would be voiding the warranty but it would be worth it. The Pikes Peak record for the Coupe just made me salivate more. Hope you have some good news.

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