2013 North American International Auto Show – Detroit, Michigan

The PR team is fresh back from the debut of a breakthrough concept at the world-renowned International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan. It was a great show!

The Detroit show is the most significant in North America, where every automaker brings their coolest and most innovative concepts to impress a huge assembly of leading international automotive media. Hyundai, never one to disappoint, brought our HCD-14 Genesis Concept and it made quite a splash.

The HCD-14 Genesis provided a glimpse into future Hyundai premium vehicle design, with ultra-tech eye-tracking technology and interactive 3-D gesture recognition that hints at Hyundai’s future technologies in its premium vehicle lineup.  Chris Chapman, Hyundai’s  Chief Designer, described his team’s concept like this: “We instilled HCD-14 Genesis with a premium-sport 4-door coupe road presence its sleek and lightweight silhouette does not punish the wind, but uses fluidic precision with dramatic surfacing that conveys natural restraint. Inside, a driver-centric cockpit prioritizes dramatic sculpture over infotainment button overload. Laminated and milled-wood detailing delivers a fresh, topographical map-like visual interest throughout the cabin-length center console.”  Which is a long-winded way of saying “Hey man, It’s super cool!”

Opening the HCD-14 rear door reveals a rear-hinged configuration, with a single, oversized, brushed-aluminum hinge articulating diagonally from the rear door cutline. With both doors open, HCD-14 Genesis has an inviting and commodious cabin ambience. Inside the cabin, a double-cresting-wave center console design carries from the instrument panel through to the rear seats.

While the HCD-14 Genesis exterior design makes a statement all its own, the driver’s environment is where its technological innovation breaks new ground. Ergonomics engineers eliminated the traditional center stack, developing an intuitive driver interface system that allows the HCD-14 driver to better keep his eyes on the road. Freed from traditional design restrictions, designers created a controls layout devoid of intimidating clusters of buttons and knobs. Using state-of-the-art driver eye-tracking and 3-D hand-gesture recognition, HCD-14 Genesis is able to recognize driver commands free from the distractions associated with manual controls. Once a specific feature is selected via eye-tracking, thumb controls or gesture recognition can be used to select navigation, infotainment, audio, HVAC, and even smartphone connectivity functions. This intuitive interface provides the driver with complete control while keeping his eyes safely above the cowl plane, using a windshield heads-up display (HUD) for minimal driving distraction. This proprietary interface represents Hyundai’s vision for future vehicle HMI and sets a new benchmark in active driver safety technology.HCD-14’s innovative eye-tracking and gesture-based controls reduce typical driving distractions, resulting in a more focused driver able to better appreciate the day-to-day satisfaction of exceptional vehicle dynamics.

As you can see, HCD-14 was truly a breakthrough concept, not just for Hyundai, but for the entire automotive industry. Media swarmed the concept throughout the press days, with several major outlets producing demonstration videos of this innovative new gesture-based control technology. Everyone wanted to capture the story on this future technology.

It was exciting to be there. Hopefully, many of you were able to catch our media event live via our LiveConnect streaming video of the whole conference, which was sponsored by Lexicon and HD Radio. If not, it’s available on HyundaiNews.com. We’ve got more in store for next year, so make plans to join us in Detroit in 2014!

Hasta luego,

Derek Joyce, Hyundai PR

2 thoughts on “2013 North American International Auto Show – Detroit, Michigan

  • The HCD-14 ia the most beautiful car I have ever seen. I am wondering about the price and if they are on the dealers showroom yet? Are there any deals to purchase the HCD-14?

    • Thanks for your interest in HCD-14! This is a pure concept vehicle with experimental technologies that Hyundai is currently exploring. It will not be sold to the public. Thanks again.

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