Hyundai in the Spotlight

In some respects, the annual Academy Awards, also referred to by many as The Oscars, is one of the biggest nights in advertising. For the short list of exclusive sponsors, the 30-second spots aired during the broadcast are comparable to the red carpet, providing advertisers with the opportunity to strut their stuff alongside Hollywood’s biggest stars. Under the bright lights of tinsel town, Hyundai aired nine 30-second ads, three of them new, showcasing the luxury and performance that has become synonymous with Hyundai’s range-topping models, Equus and Genesis. Each commercial gives a ubiquitous and celebratory nod to the film industry and culture that surrounds a night like this.

Hyundai’s first ad of the night, “Equus the Trailer,” mimicked the popular action-movie trailers, with Equus playing the role of the movie’s hero. The familiar deep baritone of the voice-over actor takes the audience through the 30-second trailer, citing “critics” describing Equus as “Colossal,” “Epic” and “Astoundingly Powerful.”

“Paparazzi” again plays on another movie-star theme as paparazzi cameras frantically try to capture one of Hyundai’s big celebrities, the Genesis, as it races down the road. The commercial focuses on the performance aspect of Hyundai’s lineup, as even the base model 2013 Genesis offers the most amount of power of any car in its class. If evading the ruthless and omnipresent eyes of the paparazzi is a top priority, the Genesis provides a finely-mixed cocktail of luxury and performance to do just that.

Hyundai’s third newly-unveiled ad, “Elevator Pitch,” showcases Elantra’s standard features, such as heated front and rear seats and Bluetooth connectivity. The commercial revolves around the industry-famous elevator pitch: the short timeframe in which a writer has an opportunity to sell his big idea to a big-time movie producer. The voice of Jeff Bridges could convince even the most committed vegetarian to order a T-bone steak, so it’s no surprise that when Mr. Bridges is narrating a pitch for the Hyundai Elantra, the car becomes an opportune vehicle that is difficult to pass up.

Hyundai was staged to have a large presence during the broadcast to commemorate its fifth consecutive year as the Academy Award’s exclusive automotive sponsor. Each commercial paid respect to Hollywood’s infamous movie culture, facilitating a true homage, which Hyundai is proud to inspire. Hyundai’s Oscars advertising was so successful that the campaign earned recognition from Ace Metrix, a leading provider in television and video analytics, for the most effective ad during the ceremony.

And that’s a wrap.

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