Welcome to the “Hyundai Like Sunday” blog

Quick Company History

Hyundai sold its first car in the U.S. on Feb. 20, 1986. The brand came here with a promise of cheap wheels offering the Excel for $3,999. In its first 10 years in the U.S. Hyundai’s reputation wasn’t the greatest. But in 2000, the company’s new Chairman, M.K. Chung, made a radical declaration to stop making “cheap” cars and refocus on quality and value. He challenged his team to become leaders in quality in five years. Hyundai’s U.S. operations subsequently unveiled the previously unheard of 10-year, 100,000 mile warranty. That focus and that promise has resulted in a brand renaissance and has seen Hyundai’s quality rise to equal or exceed the best automakers in the world.

Here in the U.S., Hyundai Motor America, based in Fountain Valley, California, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hyundai Motor Company in Korea and is responsible for marketing, sales, and service of Hyundai vehicles. For consumer information about HMA and its products, please visit www.hyundai.com. In addition to HMA, Hyundai operates a technical center headquartered near Ann Arbor, Mich. The Hyundai America Technical Center Inc. (HATCI) also operates engineering, design, and test facilities in California. And Hyundai Motor Manufacturing of Alabama builds our award winning Sonata and Elantra, our best selling cars, as well as three different 4-cylinder engines and a V-6 engine used in Hyundai products. In late 2011, the plant expanded to add production of the 1.8-liter Nu engine replacing production of the 6-cylinder engine. Hyundai PowerTech in Georgia builds the 6-speed automatic transmission for our products. Additionally, the Hyundai Santa Fe is produced at an assembly plant in nearby Georgia.

Our Blog

This Hyundai Like Sunday blog is different from many corporate blogs. One of the biggest differences is that our leadership team at Hyundai didn’t think it was a crazy idea. They loved the idea and were excited to see it come to fruition. The Hyundai brand remains a mystery to many Americans and we want people to get to know us. Our goal with the Hyundai Like Sunday blog is to provide the public with insights into Hyundai Motor America and an opportunity to interact with our team.

You can expect some surprises on this blog. This site is not a commercial. It’s a conversation. We may host a frank and honest debate. We will likely challenge the status quo and tell you why. Sometimes, we will share a laugh and hope you laugh along.

Automobile brands have distinct personalities and fan followings. We want to share our personality with the public, owners, fans and anyone curious about who we are and what we’re about. We hope you enjoy interacting with our team and welcome your feedback. Please share your thoughts. You will not be required to register to read, watch, or comment. But if you would like to share photos or videos or rate a post, we ask that you complete a profile.

Our team company has had great successes in recent years. It can be easy to get “cocky” or “complacent.” We know we have work to do to communicate who we are in the U.S. We think you’ll find a lot of personality on our blog. In some cases, we might surprise our readers with a straightforward, frank, “tell-it-like-it-is” style. That’s who we really are. It’s how our team is able to accomplish so much. We have a culture of openness, honesty and action. It’s how Hyundai has become a leader in the industry. It’s something we call “Hyundai Speed.” Hyundai Speed permeates all we do. It does not mean we are reckless or hasty. But we take decisions quickly and execute quickly. This site will embody those qualities.

You’ll hear from several personalities from all over our organization. You’ll also hear from guest bloggers outside of HMA, including outside media, bloggers, people from our assembly plant, technical center, and even our parent company. We expect to make news here when we share our opinion big issues, such as fuel economy, automotive financing, advertising, and sales.

Golden Rules

Of course, we all have rules to abide by. Hyundai Like Sunday blog is a moderated site. We want to focus on issues related to motoring and our society. If you comment or post, we ask you to stay on-topic and we frown on comments including outside links. Profanity, anger, racial and ethnic slurs, and other inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated or published.

We will present opposing viewpoints in comments and original content. Car companies inspire passion in their fans. We want you to speak your mind, whether you’re a fan of Hyundai or some other brand. If and when it comes to disagreement, we simply ask for a civil and respectful debate. We cannot promise we will comment on every outside post, but will do our best to keep engaged in the conversation.

Finally, Hyundai Like Sunday blog is not a forum to address customer service issues. There are other forums designed for that purpose. From a customer service and legal standpoint, we must ask that customers use those resources. Our Hyundai Customer Connect Center wants to assist you, and you can contact them at 1-800-633-5151.