Tucson Fuel Cell: The Next Generation Electric Vehicle

Every once in a while, it can feel like you’re at ground zero, at the launch of a new era. These past few weeks, after big hydrogen fuel cell announcements by Toyota, Honda and Hyundai in Tokyo and Los Angeles, we could definitely feel this was a critical inflection point for an industry that has relied on internal combustion power for more than a century. While battery electric vehicle (BEV) technology continues to improve and provides a viable alternative for some, its range and inherent slow-charge limitations means it will only meet the needs of a distinct subset of car buyers. … read more


What’s In A Name?

Today is national “Name Your Car Day.”  According to a recent study by Nationwide Insurance, 25% of Americans name their cars, with the most popular name being “baby.” To recognize this phenomenon of car naming, today people all over the web are sharing their most creative car names. Need some inspiration naming your own? Check out #NameYourCarDay on Twitter. … read more


Hyundai Makes a Splash at Red Bull Flugtag

The very first Red Bull Flugtag took place in Vienna, Austria in 1992. More than a decade later, 35+ official Flugtags have been hosted around the world. This year, Hyundai teamed up with Red Bull to sponsor the unprecendented National Red Bull Flugtag on September 21st, which simulatenously took place throughout five different cities – Long Beach, Chicago,  Washington D.C., Miami and Dallas. … read more