Jim Trainor

Product Public Relations Sr. Group Manager

Fortunate to oversee the hardest-working public relations team in the industry. I’m responsible for making sure our cars are launched flawlessly to the media and that they get more than their fair-share of coverage; I direct the various aspects of our auto show news conferences and affiliated activities; work to make sure our executives spend time with media to answer their questions and share the Hyundai story; and keep an open line of communication between Hyundai Motor America and Hyundai Motor Corp.

Likes: Michigan, Detroit Red Wings, bacon, reading a Sunday newspaper, throwing batting practice and hitting fungos, time with my family
Dislikes: Poor parking lot execution, nuts in cookies, ice cream and brownies, 65 MPH left-lane drivers, cigarette butts flicked from a car, sand traps

(714) 594-1629 | | Fountain Valley, CA


Miles Johnson

Manager, Connected Care Publicity

Supports all media publicity facets of Hyundai’s Assurance Connected Care programs, Blue Link technologies, and telematics inquiries

Likes:  Surfing, snowboarding, soccer and banging weights around at the gym
Dislikes:  Avocado Pizza and traffic jams

(714) 366-1048 | | Fountain Valley, CA

Lori Scholz

Public Relations Manager

Manage and oversee Hyundai’s vehicle press fleet in thirteen locations across the United States. This includes the ordering and logistics of vehicles used for all-media launches, regional events and press fleet operations ensuring media have the opportunity to drive and write about our vehicles. Assist in planning key vehicle launch programs and events. In addition, coordinate with Hyundai sales department to aggregate and distribute monthly and yearly sales releases.
You can reach out to me when you need help with the following:

  • Press fleet scheduling
  • Vehicles for comparisons
  • Press Events
  • Long Term Loan requests
  • Hyundai Sales Releases
  • Press Releases

Likes:  Being a native Californian, riding my bike to the beach, traveling (with family and for business), shopping & CHOCOLATE. Being appreciated.
Dislikes:  Sunday drivers, whiners & Sauerkraut

(714) 965-3890 | | Fountain Valley, CA

Derek Joyce

Product Public Relations Manager

Manage Hyundai U.S. product public relations for Motorsports, Genesis Sedan, Genesis Coupe, Equus, Veloster and future premium products. You can reach out to me when you need help with the following:



  • Motorsports news, events and interviews
  • Premium product news, data, and insights
  • Press releases, specifications, features, pricing and photography
  • Press kits and annual product changes
  • Innovative story concepts
  • Auto show plans, and interviews
  • Embargoed information
  • Advanced technology insights

Likes:  World travel, surfing, track days, scuba, snow sports, tennis, family time
Dislikes:  Lame drivers, “gut-bomb” lunches, excessive formality

(714) 594-1728 | | Fountain Valley, CA


Rob Lescaille

Product Public Relations & Social Media Manager

Manages Hyundai’s PR-run social media channels and product communications for Accent and Blue Link telematics.



You can reach out to me when you need help with:

  • Product information, events and news releases
  • Blue Link information, events and news releases
  • Social media strategy and activties
  • Marketing sponsorship support
  • Specifications, features, pricing and photography
  • Press kits and annual product changes
  • Auto show plans, and executive interviews

Likes: Turbos, technology, Jack Russell Terriers, track days, traveling and modern architecture

Dislikes: Anchovies, engine oil leaks, unsynchronized
street lights and infomercials

(714) 965-3341 | | Fountain Valley, CA


Elizabeth Chun

Public Relations Associate

Assists with press fleet operations, administrator for and liaison for Korean journalists. You can reach out to me when you need help with the following:



  • Getting product press releases, specifications, features, product presentations, pricing and photography
  • Press fleet vehicle availability/logistics/scheduling
  • DMV Authorizations
  • Vehicle Monroneys
  • Hi/Lo-resolution logos and images (.jpeg, .eps, .ai, etc.)
  • Product updates

Likes:  Playing real pianos, globetrotting, painting, gadgets, Yelp reviews, vinyl and orchids
Dislikes:  The falling feeling, humidity, and marmite

(714) 887-2483 | | Fountain Valley, CA