Getting schooled in a Hyundai

As a representative of the Hyundai brand, I often hear stories from our owners about how their Hyundai is a big part of their life. Whether it’s written on social media or on a letter mailed directly to us, it’s fascinating to learn the various way our products deliver for our customers. One of these stories came to me from a local business owner who depends on Hyundai products every day. … read more


Guest Blog Post: Ali Arsham

What It’s Like to Win a Championship in a Hyundai Genesis Coupe

Many people dream of winning a professional racing championship, but usually never do anything about it. We decided to do something about it and were so excited when it finally happened, but it certainly was not an easy journey and we are always reminded that it takes so much hard work. As John F Kennedy said, we do them “not because they are easy, but because they are hard.” … read more


2015 Chicago Auto Show recap

Hyundai at the 2015 Chicago Auto Show

Each year I look forward to visiting Chicago. It’s one of my favorite cities and home to the Chicago Auto Show. Held annually at the McCormick Place convention center, the show has the highest public attendance of all U.S. auto shows. 1,000 vehicles sit on display in one million square feet of convention center floor. This year’s show opened to the public on Valentine’s Day, 2/14. What could be better than taking that significant other to an auto show before a candlelight dinner? … read more