A Look at CarPlay and Android Auto

Smartphone “projected experiences” are poised to change how we interact with our cars. As these devices continue to be central hubs for nearly everything, drivers are also using them more during commutes. Bluetooth and auxiliary cables make it easy to stream music and take calls while behind the wheel, but other activities still require interaction with the smartphone itself, often making the experience cumbersome. … read more


Auto Show Recap: 2014 LAAS & CCE

Each year, the official auto show season starts with the Los Angeles Auto Show, where L.A.’s premier stage curtains are parted on opening day with Connected Car Expo, or CCE. This year, we showcased Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto at CCE – a convergence of any gearhead’s love for industrial art and mechanical science, held in conjunction with the three-day trade show. … read more


Hyundai Answers Your Fuel Cell Questions

In the past year, the automotive industry has seen developments in fuel cell vehicles never thought possible. From Hyundai’s first mass-produced Tucson Fuel Cell, to coming products from many other automakers, to a growing fueling infrastructure, we are in a new era of hydrogen-powered vehicles.

This momentum has sparked many questions and created passionate debate about this technology.

At Hyundai, we don’t really see it as a debate, or as one technology pitted against another. No single, low-carbon powertrain solution can totally satisfy the wide-ranging expectations our consumers take for granted.

… read more